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What Do You Need To Do To Prepare For Chicago Cleaning Services?

After going through the process of finding, interviewing, and hiring Chicago cleaning services, you may think that your end of the job is over. That is not necessarily true. There are several things that need to be taken care of to prepare your home or business for the cleaning service to come, especially just before the first visit. Here is a short list of items to take care of that may make things a little less hectic for you.

Clarify Areas To Be Cleaned

Do you want every surface cleaned? Is there an office or work area that is to be left untouched at all times? Everyone needs to be on the same page about these things. You want to be clear on what you expect and the company needs to know what Chicago cleaning services you want rendered: carpet shampooing, dishes, windows, etc.

How Do They Get In?

It’s not going to happen by magic and the customer service representative that you speak to may forget to ask. You can be home while the cleaning service is there or, if you hire Chicago cleaning services for your office, you do not have to be present. Either way, you need to provide a key to the area. If there is an alarm, you need to turn it off or provide the password to someone in charge of the service. Do not hand either of these to the worker who shows up. Make the initial exchange between yourself and a supervisor for the company.

Who Buys The Supplies?

Some Chicago cleaning services expect their customers to furnish all of the cleaning that will be used. Other companies factor that into their bill unless you have very specific requests. You will need to have this clear before the service arrives so that you can be prepared. Whether you furnish the supplies or they do, you should insist on the most eco-friendly products available. They will be safer for your children and pets as well as easier on the environment.

Preparing for the first visit from Chicago cleaning services is neither tough nor time consuming. It just involves you being aware of what to expect in the beginning. After a few visits it will become old hat and you will be able to settle into a routine.

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