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Taking the Hassle Out of Move Out and Move In Cleaning Services in Chicago

Moving into a new home is a hassle. Not only do you worry about your previously owned home and the hassle it will be to clean before you leave, but also about your new one and whether or not it’s in a preferable livable state.  It is understood that sometimes there just isn’t time to worry about how and when you will be getting started on that move in cleaning. With all the difficulties that come with moving to a new location in Chicago, sometimes cleaning your home before moving out is just simply forgotten. That’s where we come in; you let us worry about that for you. At Spotless Cleaning Chicago we can take care of your Move out cleanings and your Move in cleanings in Chicago.  We know that when moving into a new home it is most satisfying to get off on a good start. And what better way to get started then to begin your newly renovated life in a fresh clean home.  Our move in cleaning service can help you get off to a great start when moving into your new home.

Simply because you didn’t forget to hire Move out Cleaners, doesn’t mean that the previous owner to your new apartment did the same. There is always the risk that the previous owner did not hire a Chicago move in cleaning service to clean up after they were gone. Well, have no fear because that’s why we are here! We will take care of all the detailed cleaning of your Move in cleaning to save you the stress, tough work, and the time. We are here to adhere to your needs and high expectations of a quality cleaning.

In the Kitchen

When moving into a new home there is always the chance that the kitchen walls still hang on to the smells of all the different foods the previous person cooked in the kitchen long before you arrived…well in our Move in / Move out Cleaning services, we make sure that we clean the surfaces of the kitchen, floors, counters, over appliances etc.  It’s not just about the surfaces; we also take care of the places that are usually forgotten, such as the inside of the appliances and the cupboards and cabinets at your request. Our Move in Cleaning Service can take care of all this and much more.


The bathroom is one of the areas of utmost importance when it comes to a move in cleanings in Chicago. Again there isn’t enough emphasis placed on the fact that we don’t only clean but we also disinfect. There is a great difference between cleaning and actually sanitizing and disinfecting. The Move in cleaning services that we provide here in Chicago can ensure that your bathroom with be clean and sanitary! Our Chicago move in cleaning service provides you with the peace of mind that the toilet you are sitting on isn’t infested with all sorts of unsanitary bacterium and viruses that can cause you and your family illnesses and harm.


Commonly, there are some move in cleaners in Chicago clean only the general areas of the home. They have tendencies of missing some of the less thought of spots, like the corners of every room, the window sills, and other things that people don’t normally think of. As a Chicago move in cleaning service, we make sure we think of everything

Our Move in Cleaning Services can ensure that when you arrive at your home you will be met with a fresh and high quality cleaning. After all, we don’t just clean we sanitize.

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