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Secret Mop Tip from your Chicago Maid

We all know that swiffers are expensive and a bit of a pain. You have to throw away the cleaning pad, but you constantly have to go out and purchase new ones when they run out. A traditional mop uses tons of water and creates a mess. Not only does it create a mess, but you end up spreading dirty water all over the floor. As a Chicago Maid service we have used quite a lot of different mop versions. One day we ran into the Starfiber mop, and our search was officially over.

The starfiber mop pad can be washed over 250 times before it completely wears out. Most of our chicago maid customers have either hardwood floors or other delicate flooring. Using regular mop and bucket mops just isn’t an option for us. Not only is it a hassle and slow, but more importantly it will damage the hardwood floors over time. Water is hardwood floors worst enemy. The starfiber mops are unique in that the microfiber cleans with very little water. We use spray bottles and quickly mop over the floors with a dry microfiber pad attached to the starfiber mops. All you need is to dampen the pad with water and then squirt a little bit of diluted vinegar on the floor or the pad and then mop away. We have our own proprietary floor cleaning solution, but the next best thing probably is the good old vinegar and water.

Our Chicago Maids actually think it is easier on them because it is lighter and covers a larger area. We have 18″ mops and 24″ mops for larger spaces. Maybe it’s all the fibers, but it definitely drags more than a wet swiffer or regular mop.The pad continues to absorb so it dries the floor as you mop. Rinse the pad as needed, but since it’s microfiber it can hold a lot dirt and water before it has to get rinsed out. And the best part? Somehow it doesn’t just push the dirt around, it really picks it up and locks it away. My only advice would be to use single sweeping motions.

Preferred Mop of Chicago Maid Team

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