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Professional Disinfecting Service In Chicago

  1. How long has the company been in business? Did it just pop up like the coronavirus?
  2. Is the company certified?
  3. Is it using electrostatic technology or cheap foggers and misters?
  4. Are the chemicals it uses approved to be used in electrostatic, foggers or misting applicators per EPA & CDC guidelines?
  5. Is it properly disposing of materials with biohazard pickups?
  6. Is it testing the surface when the service is completed?

Everyone is starting to provide professional disinfecting service in Chicago, but not everyone is qualified and certified. In the name of COVID-19 disinfecting service, we are seeing people use foggers meant for outdoor fumigation and pest control, which do not have verified kill claims against coronavirus or other flu viruses.

What people don’t realize is disinfectants that have an approved kill claim with the EPA DO NOT have a kill claim when used in fogging machines or misters. There are numerous reasons why the kill claim can be invalidated, such as uneven coverage, particle size being too small, etc.

The Clorox 360 product is designed for electrostatic cleaning application and has a kill claim with the EPA of 2 minutes or less for coronavirus. Clorox 360 is designed for electrostatic application one-step disinfection service. It kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds along with 44 organism claims such as flu viruses, MRSA and norovirus in 2 minutes or less.

Most disinfectants require 10 minutes of wet contact time to be effective. The reality is that 10 minutes creates a big margin of error, so our weapon of choice is Clorox 360. It is designed for use with electrostatic disinfection technology with a verified kill claim with the EPA, it’s safe on surfaces and electronics, and it dries residue-free without the need for rinsing. The cost of Clorox 360 product is about 50X more than traditional disinfectants, but cutting costs and corners during a pandemic is dangerous.

Our process with electrostatic machines is directed at the surface and wraps in an even 360 motion like little tiny magnets that cling on the surface to get full coverage.

Think of it like painting a car, we don’t fog up the whole garage with paint, we direct it at the car for full even coverage.

We back up our claims with surface sampling to verify. Upon completion of a decontamination, we test the surfaces to guarantee the highest standards of disinfection. The team uploads the results, so we have a record of it.

We hold numerous certifications from ISSA, GBAC, Accredited Infection Prevention Experts, OSHA, among others.

Our process goes above and beyond CDC guidelines because we are The Corona Busters and we don’t like to take chances when dealing with dangerous pathogens. We have levels in our Disinfecting Matrix Protocol based on the hazard assessment.

Our most common practice is to spray everything first.

Step 2 is load soil reduction. When we wipe clean, we also use a powerful disinfectant with a 45 second kill rate.

Step 3 we spray everything again with our electrostatic machines as the 3rd step as a precaution and for peace of mind.

Step 4 is our validation process where we test the surfaces to provide you with documentation to protect you from liability by showing you went above and beyond CDC Guidelines.

Whether you need a professional disinfection cleaning company for the coronavirus or the winter flu season, we are trained, equipped, certified and ready to help you.

Ask us about our discounted weekly or monthly Clorox 360 Professional Disinfecting Program.


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