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Maid Services in Chicago Falsely Claiming to be Green

In our quest to find the best methods to provide our maid service clients in Chicago we do lots of research. From time to time I hire other maid services to clean my house. Why would I do such a thing when I can have my own crews do it for much less? The answer is simple. It allows me to compare methods and find new ones that might allow us to do a better job and save time.

One interesting thing I learned during these visits is that many of the maid services in Chicago truly are not using green cleaning products. This is the third time we run into this situation. During the last visit I walked over to the bathroom to make small talk and observe of course. The person used bleach on my shower floor. It’s a double bathroom with a shower tub and an all marble standing shower with a glass door. I asked the person, “you guys use bleach on the shower floor”. She said, “yes, it makes easier to clean and brighten up the grout lines”. Luckily I know how to refinish marble and restore the gloss, otherwise I would’ve had to pay someone else to fix it. Bleach will quickly erode the finish on your marble. That is problem number one. The other issue is that once the bleach mixes with Comet it starts to create fumes. Even when I was in the living room I had to cough twice because of the fumes coming out of the bathroom. Not quite sure how the cleaning lady was able to take those fumes in like a champ. Given we are also a Maid Service in Chicago we cannot disclose the names of the other providers privately or publicly, so please don’t ask. It would be bad karma to disclose that information.

A second question I asked was, “how do you clean the shower glass doors when they have a lot of soap scum build up when people neglect to clean the glass for a few months”. The answer, “well it’s tough to be honest… at times it won’t come off even when we use our strongest product”. I asked, “what is your strongest product and where would I be able to buy it for those times when I forget to clean my shower for a few months”. Luckily my house is one of the team’s cleaning schedule every week 🙂 so I don’t run into that problem, but I was fishing for more information. The answer, “it’s this little bottle here which is just Acid”. Let’s keep in mind that in Chicago a good majority of glass shower doors are installed in Marble showers with marble flooring. Acid will almost instantly etch your marble if they were to come into contact. If the glass is tempered it can also ruin your glass shower doors. At this point the maid service that claims to be green has brought out Dawn soap, Bleach, Acid, and good old Windex which contains ammonia. They use comet as well, but so do we in some instances.

Let me take this time to clarify that our cleaning company, Spotless Cleaning Chicago does use Comet for the toilet bowl and in certain situations for the shower tub. If a client requests a 100% eco-friendly cleaning, then we will substitute the Comet for our Maid Naturally Soft Scrub. Comet is the only product we use that is not eco-friendly. The reason we use it is because even the eco-friendly products like Tub and Tile from Melaleuca tend to create fumes when it starts to break down the soap scum. Comet will break down the soap scum with some elbow grease without really creating any fumes that would be unpleasant to the cleaning team and our customers. Let me reiterate that the toilet bowl and shower floor are the only two places the teams will use comet. Everything else in the house is always cleaned with our eco-friendly product lineup. In homes where we clean on a weekly basis we are able to clean without using any comet because the soap scum doesn’t really build up if we are cleaning on a weekly basis.

How are we able to clean efficiently without using harsh chemicals like acid, bleach, and ammonia based products? The answer is we have tested many many many products and methods. One of the things we do is we sprinkle warm water and spray the surface with our green all purpose cleaner and let it soak in for at least 10 minutes while the team moves on to dusting and so forth. The warm water and the green cleaning agents combined will break down soap scum. After all, a hard soap bar will melt under heat and so will soap scum. We have learned from our window cleaning experts how to easily remove hard water stains and so forth using professional Unger tools and good old Seventh Generation eco-friendly soap in a flash. These are just some of the many tricks we have learned to avoid using harsh chemicals, save time, and deliver great results. If you have any questions while looking for a Maid Service in Chicago feel free to give us a call (888) 498-MAID. We will gladly answer any questions and help you find the best maid service, wethter that is us or someone else. Our goal is to make is a great resource for anyone looking for a cleaning service. Feel free to browse our main website at

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