ClickCease Maid Service in Chicago is the first to test the IONATER EXP -

Maid Service in Chicago is the first to test the IONATER EXP

ActiveIon Truly Green Cleaning

ActiveIon Truly Green Cleaning

In search of a product that wouldn’t be of any harm to our customers while still being one of great effectiveness we came across the Ionater EXP.  Being a Maid Service in Chicago we have heard of and tested many other eco-friendly products, but this one caught our attention instantly. It doesn’t contain a chemical related warning label because it only uses one ingredient – tap water. This advanced technology allows it to convert tap water into ionized water.  No need to buy cleaner after cleaner which are probably dangerous and toxic to our health. All you need is the Ionater Exp to do the dirty work. It leaves no residue behind like many other products do. This device converts plain tap water into a powerful cleaner and sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs while removing dirt.

As a Maid Service in Chicago that provides our own cleaning supplies and green products we have to make sure that the products we use are strictly eco-friendly and won’t damage or harm any of our customer’s homes and or their family members. Worried about germs? The Ionator EXP eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs including H1N1 and E Coli. Stumbling across this product was huge for us.  Not only will it help reduce our maintenance costs by saving us the expense of purchasing and managing vast amounts of chemical cleaners, it will also aid in increasing our employees productivity.  The Ionater Exp has been recognized by the GreenDot Award, the Kitchen Innovation Award, and the Healthy School Award.

So far we have done a few test runs with it and it has worked wonders, to say the least. It has worked well to clean soils, stains, dirt, dust, oils and sanitize the following surfaces:  sinks, mirrors, toilets, tubs, showers, tables, chairs, countertops, stone/marble/granite, stainless steel, wood floors/surfaces, tiles, windows, doors, plastics, and many more. It practically does it all. Even though the ActiveIon Ionater EXP is effective in removing natural greases and oils it is not a miracle product and it doesn’t generally remove burned-on grease. The Ionater doesn’t give off a smell at all and absence of scent is the true smell of clean. We are the first Maid Service in Chicago to use the Activeion Ionater Exp , but there are other facilities such as universities, schools , hospitals, restaurants, hotels and motels, stadiums, airports, convention centers, local government and many other locations that are already utilizing it. As always, feel free to give us a call at 312-488-1113 with any questions.

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