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Hospitals, doctors’ offices, long-term care facilities, nursing homes and other health care settings have strict requirements for cleaning and disinfecting, but Spotless Cleaning Chicago is the medical facility cleaning company that consistently surpasses them. Indeed, our professionals incorporate products and methods that don’t just meet or exceed industry standards for cleanliness and infection control but also are safe for the environment. Come to us for medical facility cleaning services that keep your practice pristine while also protecting the planet!

When you come to Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we’ll work with you to select a customized medical facility cleaning plan that works for your setting. As one of the leading medical office cleaning companies in the business, we have experience working with health care companies of all sizes. Talk to us about your needs, and we will create a customized plan that suits your location.

The Best Medical Facility Cleaning in Chicago

We may not be one of the cheapest healthcare cleaning companies in Chicago, but we absolutely offer the best value. We understand that medical facilities have much higher standards for their cleaning services than traditional offices. For example, medical office cleaning requires a lot more disinfecting than other cleaning jobs. And what most people don’t realize is that to truly disinfect, the cleaning product typically needs to be in contact with a surface for least 10 minutes. The only way to reduce the contact time is to use Oxivir from Diversey.

Because it takes so much time to properly clean health care spaces, it costs more. Appropriately disinfecting a medical facility is always worth the investment, however, both to protect your patients and to maintain your work environment. At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, the disinfectants we use are hospital-grade and EPA-registered solutions, designed to thoroughly cleanse and protect for the long haul.

We also put technology to work when we clean, including Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), a type of UV light. While sometimes expensive for smaller facilities, this technology is extremely effective for disinfecting medical and sterile work environments. By employing a traditional cleaning program coupled with UVGI, we’re able to achieve the best results. UVGI also can help facilities achieve their green cleaning goals.

Why Choose Spotless Cleaning Chicago

Keeping a medical office pristine is an absolute necessity today — it’s how you build trust with patients and protect visitors from infection. In fact, a fresh, spotless facility communicates a positive message to everyone who enters it. At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we take this seriously. We want to help you communicate the right message, telling visitors that you truly care about your practice and the people you serve. Enlist our medical facility cleaning services, and your hospital or clinic will have floors that are polished to a high gloss, surfaces that sparkle and the satisfaction of knowing all cleaning is done in an eco-friendly way. Our professionals will keep your Chicago facility in top shape for reasons of good health and best practices, but also to help you win the trust of new prospects. While we can’t hand out lollipops for you, as doctors did in the old days, we can help keep your facility looking cleaner than you ever imagined.

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