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How To Find The Best Chicago Home Cleaning Service

With careers and lifestyles being as hectic as they are today, many people are turning to Chicago home cleaning services to ease some of the tensions of everyday life. Problems can occur when you do not research the company that you hire. Doing this research may add some stress to your day initially, but will prevent several major headaches later on. Here are a few tips to help you hire the best possible Chicago home cleaning service, the first time around.


There is not a single reputable Chicago home cleaning company in business today that will not cheerfully offer you several references. Even if it is a brand new company, the owner and employees have worked elsewhere in the past. Check all of the references given. After checking those references, make sure that all of the employees that will have access to your home have a clean criminal background check. While people may change, it does not behoove you to allow them to be tempted in your home.

Bonded And Insured

Even with the most thorough background check a rare theft can occur. If the company is not bonded, your property is not protected completely. You would hate to have a theft occur only to find that the company can not cover the damages. Also, you will want to be sure that the Chicago home cleaning company that you allow into your home covers their employees with worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance at all times. If these lapse, you could be liable for any injuries that happen in your home.

Check Their Materials

Before allowing a Chicago home cleaning service to begin to work, request a list of all materials that will be used in your home. Some companies may require that you buy all of the supplies needed, others may not. The ones that supply materials may try to cut costs my purchasing inferior products. Be sure to demand that environmentally friendly cleaning agents are used in your home. Besides being easier on the planet, they are less apt to harm your children and pets.

The initial stress of vetting a Chicago home cleaning service will eliminate problems down the line. Never be shy to ask for references, proof of insurance and bonding, and a materials list. A reputable company will hand you all three with a smile. Otherwise, move on to your next candidate.

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