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How Janitorial Services in Chicago Combat Winter Colds and Bacteria

Most Janitorial services in Chicago are all about cleaning and only cleaning. Rarely do you find a Chicago janitorial service that gives you a two for one. Well here at Spotless Cleaning we know how harsh our winters can get and the cold and flu seasons that come with it. This is why we decided that in our Chicago janitorial services we wouldn’t just clean but we would also take the time to disinfect as well!

We have come across research that proves that cleaning isn’t all that clean. We came across the realization that viruses and bacteria can’t just be killed off with simple cleaning. Even though when a person cleans visible dirt dust and stains disappear, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the surface is clean! There are certain viruses known as pathogens that are completely invisible to the naked eye and can cause one to become extremely ill. These viruses and bacteria can only be removed by sanitizing. Which is something that isn’t really provided by many Chicago Janitorial companies, most often people believe that cleaning is enough to keep bacteria and germs away. Well they are sadly mistaken.

Studies have come to demonstrate that more often than not, the chemicals that are used during Janitorial cleanings can be more harmful than not. Not only do harsh cleaning products not kill and remove viruses and bacteria but they actually contribute more. Harsh cleaning chemicals contain certain teratogens and carcinogens and mutagens that are highly toxic and harmful to the human body. Therefore when you think you are actually cleaning you are not, instead you are causing more damage to your body by surrounding it with pathogens that can make you sick.

Here at Spotless Cleaning Chicago we have solved that problem, we don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals and products. Since all our products are environmentally friendly. We can assure you that our janitorial services don’t use harsh chemicals and cleaning products to clean your home or office therefore not bringing extra pathogens into your home. We use environmentally friendly janitorial products that contain a disinfectant. Not only do we not bring in extra pathogens into your home, but we also help remove the ones that were initially there. We are proud to say that our Janitorial services are of great quality and at reasonable prices! We are Green and Clean!

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