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Five Advantages Of Office Cleaning Service In Chicago

A clean atmosphere will allow for a pleasant and healthy working environment. Most people will tell you that a clean environment would certainly have a positive effect on their output, not to mention on their professional opinion of you and your business when they first come through the door. Have you ever walked into a place and gotten a fresh breath of air? There is no question about it, when clients, visitors and even employees walk in they will notice the level of cleanliness. Hiring an office cleaning service will not only help your business to maintain the kind of image they are looking for, but will also aid in boosting employee morale.

1. First Impressions count and if that first impression is far from the best than that image or encounter will stick with you. Usually messy or dusty clutters gives off the impression of unprofessionalism which you wouldn’t want to give off to prospective clients or even staff. If their first impression isn’t a good one, the chances that they will do business with you is greatly diminished.

2. Extra time to focus and drive your business. Having a few extra hours goes a long way. Cleaning the office can be a monotonous activity, especially if you have more important work that is being put off so you can take care of the necessary cleaning. By hiring a professional Office Cleaning Service it will save you a lot of time which you can use to tend to other workloads. Recent studies have revealed that experienced and proficient office cleaners may tidy up the workplace three times faster than the average individual.

3. Hidden savings that add up throughout the year. If you hire an Office cleaning service you won’t have to hire a new employee therefore you won’t have to pay additional money for health insurance, paid vacations and sick days, unemployment and injuries on top of their wage. This amount adds up and in the long run and it ends up costing you more than if you hire an office cleaning service to take care of the maintenance and cleaning needs. When you hire a cleaning service they usually provide all the materials and labor.

4. Time required to properly train an employee on correct cleaning techniques and chemicals is a significant investment. Cleaning and Disinfecting are two different animals. Knowing the difference and knowing which cleaning chemicals to use is even more important. A professional janitorial or office cleaning company usually has in house training programs. Having an office cleaning service come in to clean on a regular basis will reduce any health issues that might have been previously caused by these bacteria from unsanitary conditions in the past.

5. Specialty tasks such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and floor care can all be handled by a janitorial company. In many cases when we prepare a quote for janitorial service we also include cleaning services from upholstery cleaning to floor care. Having a company that knows how to properly take care of floors will save you money. One example is making the wax and shine on your floors last longer by using correct pH neutral cleaners that won’t wear away the floor finish. This in itself can save you several thousands of dollars over the course of a year or two.

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