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You want a clean, professional-looking office or workspace. You also care about the planet and the potential impact of cleaning chemicals and waste products on it. But is it possible to clean effectively and efficiently without harming the environment? Does eco-friendly office cleaning exist? The answer, fortunately, is yes — as long as you choose cleaning methods and products that are designed with the planet in mind.

Why Go Green?

Did you know the air in many American homes and offices is more contaminated than the air outside? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can contain two to five times as many contaminants as outside air — yet most of us spend about 90 percent of our time indoors. Many cleaning products, even those commonly used, can leave behind hazardous and toxic chemicals that can linger for months.

For better air quality, choose eco-friendly cleaning techniques, whether you’re looking for daily office or commercial cleaning services, eco-friendly floor cleaning or eco-friendly upholstery cleaning. Spotless Cleaning Chicago’s Eco Green services use only ecologically sound cleaning methods that produce less waste and create less negative impact on the environment.

Our Eco-Green products are non-toxic, organic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and Green Seal® certified. Because they are formulated with biodegradable cleaning agents, they won’t hurt the environment. They also won’t leave behind harmful residues that can affect the health of you and your employees.

To help reduce our carbon footprint, we use concentrated cleaning formulas and dilute them ourselves, which reduces shipping and packaging burdens. We reuse spray bottles and refill them at our facility using concentrate metering systems to reduce plastic waste. Whether we’re cleaning floors, upholstery or other surfaces, we use techniques that are effective yet efficient in terms of the amount of cleaning products used.

We also embrace other environmentally friendly cleaning methods such as using SEBO vacuums with HEPA filtration to collect dirt and allergens and microfiber towels to eliminate paper waste. We will use paper towels at your request, but we’ll choose 100 percent recycled paper towels that are hypo-allergenic, unscented, dye- and fragrance-free, and unwhitened or whitened without chemicals containing chlorine.

For Green Cleaning we use Spartan Clean By Peroxy which is Green Seal Certified, Kosher Certified, and Wool Safe Certified.

Choose Spotless Cleaning Chicago for Eco Green Solutions

The benefits of eco-friendly office cleaning extend beyond reducing your company’s environmental impact. Green cleaning reduces exposure to toxic chemicals and can reduce asthma attacks and allergic reactions in people who are susceptible to them. It also can improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne chemicals and dust and helping to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

The choices we make today will influence the Earth we share tomorrow. By choosing our Eco Green Services option, you’ll make your workplace a cleaner, healthier place — all while protecting the environment. That’s win/win for you, your staff and Mother Earth.

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