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With so many carpet cleaning methods on the market how do I decide on the best one? Here is some food for thought.

Have you ever wondered why spots come back?

Steam cleaning will send high pressure hot water deep inside the carpet. As the carpet tries to dry, it dries from the bottom to the top looking for dry air. That dirt that was pushed to the bottom of the carpet is working it’s way towards dry air which is found near the top of the carpet fibers. As the carpet dries the dirt finds its way back to the top creating those visible spots. The water evaporates, but the dirt is back at the top. This process is called wicking. Dirt and bacteria in your carpets combined with warm water or moisture is a prime breeding ground for mold.


  • Does not lift pile
  • Overwetting is common
  • Spots and dirt can wick back after carpet dries
  • Can leave sticky detergent residues which resoil
  • Damp carpet can promote growth of mold and mildew
  • Carpet can take 6-24 hrs to dry
  • Rooms out of use until dry
  • May require large fans to speed up drying
  • Moisture can introduce excess humidity in home
  • Requires furniture protectors
  • Too much water can cause damage to carpet
  • Not recommended for many natural fibers
  • Chemicals can be skin and eye irritants
  • Dirty water mixed with cleaning chemicals can be an environmental issue

Host Dry Carpet Carpet Cleaning is the superior method to clean carpets. If you need a Carpet Cleaning in Chicago give us a call (888) 498-MAID.

Host Dry Carpet Cleaning

Host Carpet Cleaning

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