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Providing A Healthy Facility To Stop COVID-19 & Flu Outbreaks

  • Increased Access to Touch Less Hand Sanitizers
  • Touch Free Soap Dispensers with air sealed cartridges
  • Touch Free Sink Fixtures
  • Auto Janitor Set Up in Toilets and Urinals
  • Touch Free Toilet & Urinal Fixtures
  • Enhanced Touch Point Disinfection Program
  • Automatic Door Openers in Common Areas
  • HEPA filters in HVAC systems along with UV Filters
  • Employees Disinfecting shared resources after use like Copy Room, Printers, and Break Rooms
  • Employees Disinfecting their workstations daily especially keyboards, phones, and mouse.
  • Using floor auto scrubbers with 97% + recovery. The floor is the biggest surface in a facility and everything including airborne pathogens fall on the floor.

Maintaining clean and hygienic offices and commercial spaces is essential for protecting the health of your employees and customers. This is especially true now, as the COVID-19 outbreak means everyone has to be more conscious about halting the spread of disease. To inspire confidence in your team during these particularly difficult times, your facilities can’t just be clean — you need full facility disinfection and sanitizing cleaning services.

Fortunately, Spotless Cleaning Chicago provides the most comprehensive professional disinfecting and sanitation services in the city and surrounding suburbs. We are the Corona Busters. Even after life returns to normal and we get back to business as usual, the office disinfection services we perform should be standard practice to establish the safest possible working environment.


Complete Disinfection

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As a leading disinfection company serving the city and northern suburbs, we’re well-versed in the procedures that are necessary to disinfect your office or other property. Not only do we deliver deep and thorough disinfecting of the obvious areas such as bathrooms and workstations, but also anywhere else there may be multiple points of contact. We pay full attention to touch points like elevators, escalators, kitchens, common areas and anywhere else that could be sources of infection.


Cleaning Vs. Disinfecting

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You might think that hiring someone to clean the office means you’re already doing everything you should against disease. However, there’s a difference between simply cleaning a room and disinfecting it. Are they spraying and allowing 10 minutes of dwell time before wiping per label instructions?

Typical cleaning processes are primarily concerned with soil load reduction. This means taking care of dust, removing stains and keeping glass free from smudges and streaks. Disinfecting cleaning services, on the other hand, go much deeper than that.

Disinfecting means killing the microscopic germs and viruses that may be lingering on your surfaces. We have experience in numerous industries, including medical facilities that maintain high standards for hygiene, so you can trust us to deliver peace of mind.

Hiring Spotless Cleaning Chicago to provide disinfectant cleaning services means you will receive the most complete care. We do our best to leave no stone unturned. Plus, we use the most effective and advanced equipment, hospital grade disinfectants and techniques in the industry. Our Corona Busters with our cutting edge equipment are weapons of mass disinfection. This includes electrostatic spraying, ULV cold fogging, and EPA & CDC approved disinfectants to kill viruses and other unwanted microbial contaminants.

Why Choosing Spotless Cleaning Chicago is the Right Choice

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Throughout the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond, keeping your facilities safe is of the utmost importance. Our systematic approach and cutting-edge technology ensure that we will deliver the highest-quality sanitation services to protect you, your team and your customer base. We have been providing disinfecting services for flu outbreaks long before the corona virus. Our slogan has always been “Creating a healthy work environment one building at a time”

We assist a variety of clients across multiple industries, many of whom have extremely demanding standards for cleanliness. To learn more about what we can do for you or to get started, contact us today.

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