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Providing Full-Service Janitorial Service Throughout Chicago

Spotless Cleaning Chicago is a premier commercial cleaning company serving the Chicago area. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond. We specialize in providing green cleaning services to all our customers.

Our janitorial cleaning professionals are dedicated to providing our janitorial services to our customers with Spotless results. Regular inspections and qualified supervision ensure that our high commercial cleaning standards are adhered to.

We use modern commercial cleaning equipment, techniques, and green seal certified products, along with state-of-the-art equipment like auto scrubbers that significantly increase efficiency. Traditional mopping doesn’t stand a chance against an auto scrubber and good chemistry.

You say you can leave floors so clean you can eat from them, but what about the rest of the facility, especially the bathroom? Fear no more, we use the Hillyard C3 cleaning system that can sanitize better than any other method. Feel free to bring an ATP Hygiene Monitor to test our cleaning ability. We don’t just clean, we sanitize.

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Why You Want to Choose US for Commercial Cleaning

Our Chicago janitorial employees are specially trained to reduce contamination in the Chicagoland-area’s office buildings, schools, and healthcare facilities.

We have dedicated training specifically designed to address what the ISSA calls “Touch Point Cleaning”. Why is it so important? Simply because disease, fecal matter, and bacteria are spread via these touch points like door handles, light switches, hand rails, elevator buttons, and paper towel dispensers.

Why You Want to Hire Us for Commercial Cleaning

To truly address “touch points”, we created a strategic partnership to help our commercial cleaning customers save up to 25% on consumables.

More importantly we implement a full “Touchless Sanitation Program” to drastically reduce the spread of germs and viruses. In many cases we have even been able to get state of the art dispensers for day cares facilities and schools free of charge. We truly go to bat for our customers, even Babe Ruth would be jealous.

Our Services – What to Expect

We offer a wide variety of building maintenance and cleaning services to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs. We are flexible and customize our services. We work with you to maintain your pristine image.

What We Do:

  • Dusting and disinfecting of general areas, offices, from the classroom to the board room
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms, cubicles, kitchens, elevators, and escalators
  • Window washing and daily cleaning of glass doors
  • Cleaning and polishing chrome fixtures, and chrome surfaces
  • Commercial Carpet cleaning (Green, Clean, & Dry), Cubicle wall cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning
  • Auto Scrubbing, Stripping, Waxing, and Buffing of Floors
  • Vacuuming, Sweeping, Mopping, and removing shoe scuff marks
  • Pressure Washing sidewalks, parking lots, and even gas stations

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