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Commercial Cleaning Services and Chicago Winter Preparation

Summer is over and the fall and winter are coming up. Anyone who lives here in Chicago knows just how bad winters can get, and when winter comes around, so does cold season and germs! Everyone has heard of the expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away…”  Well, here at Spotless Cleaning Chicago we offer Commercial Cleaning Services that can help keep the germs away from your home, and your workplace away from you as well. We are well aware that no matter how we want to maintain good hygiene, not everyone believes in it the way that we do. That’s where our services come in! We can help you maintain a clean work place free of germs and bacteria that normally are attracted to the warmth of the heaters in winter time. We offer the best Commercial Cleaning Services in the Chicago area.  Our commercial cleaning services cover anything from the typical office, to big corporate businesses and standard buildings.  For our typical office cleanings, along with our business and building cleanings we make sure to disinfect areas that we know have a tendency of harboring the most bacteria and viruses.

The reason why people tend to get sicker in the winter rather than the summer or fall is because the body’s immune system is weakened in the cold. This is particularly why we tend to stay in warm places during the winter, but as you know the warmth has a tendency of attracting bacteria and not only that, but it also helps bacteria grow.  In most cases bacteria thrive in warm places since it tends to act as an incubator. Especially within our bodies, bacteria and viruses tend to grow the most in temperatures between 40º – 140 Fahrenheit. In a matter of 1-5hrs bacteria can multiply from 1 to over 3million, at a 37 Celcius or 98.6 F.  This is why more offices need a commercial cleaning service that will provide them with a disinfecting solution that will kill off bacteria. At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, Our commercial cleaning services include disinfecting and sanitizing, especially in particular areas where we know bacteria is more likely to grow.  Of course, we are well aware that not all bacteria is bad, if it were then we would all be in big trouble! Regardless, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!

For most offices the places where bacteria are more likely to harbor would be telephones, water fountains, and keyboards. Not to mention the bathrooms and door handles.  Here at Spotless cleaning Chicago we ensure that our commercial cleaning services will leave your office buildings clean and sanitary.  Aiding in killing off germs and bacteria that can make you sick, we help you battle the common cold that comes with winter, and the spreading and contagiousness that comes with warm heated areas.  Not only do we keep your workers and employees healthy but we help you maintain a clean sanitary work area that can help improve productivity. When your workers and employees feel good then the work is done better! Therefore, a clean sanitary environment increases productivity and improves your business!

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