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Cleaning Your Floors During Chicago Winters

Cleaning your floors during Chicago winters

Maintaining Clean and Pristine Floors

Muddy shoes are inevitable during harsh winter months in Chicago. The biggest issue that winter brings is in tracking rock salt and ice melt into our homes. Rock salt and snow damages hard wood floors and carpets, so the solution our Chicago Cleaning Service has contributed is to place matting 30 feet into main entranceways and 15 feet into secondary entranceways on hardwood floors and carpets.  Plastic mats are preferred during our winter months here in Chicago because these are easier to mop, less time consuming, and more affordable to purchase than it would be to have to replace your carpet or hardwood floors when the rock salt  starts eating through a finish or chewing up the concrete. It is important to keep these mats as clean and dry as possible by cleaning these on a regular basis.

I wish the practicality of removing your shoes at the front door was a culturally acceptable one here. Where we live, it would be of rude behavior to ask someone to remove their shoes. It is a level of intimacy and vulnerability that is out of the current, collective comfort zone. Just say that I purchased new furniture and I am having it delivered to my home how does one tell these men to take their shoes off before entering while they are carrying heavy items, you just don’t. Instead of having a visitor take off their shoes what you could do instead is learn about our Chicago Cleaning Servicemaintenance procedures to keep floors from being directly affected by winter weather.

An effective way to protect floors is by mopping frequently with a neutral floor cleaner. Floors are kept clear from any salt buildup and damage simply with the use of a neutral cleaner. If a facility starts to notice that their floors are getting dull or there seems to be a salt film, just increase your mopping or daily maintenance program and burnish with a good restorer to bring back the shine. Hardwood, tiles, and or vinyl floors are a little bit easier to clean during winter months than carpet is. Placing mats and area rugs is a better bet for carpet in the winter months but even then our Chicago Cleaning Service Professionals still suggest that a deep thorough carpet cleaning should be done at least in the most trafficked areas. Once dirt accumulates it becomes more and more prevalent as the months pass since the fibers from your carpet begin breaking down from the oils and dirt.

Here is an image of shoe covers used by Cleaning Professionals, which might also be useful.

Shoe Covers Used by our Chicago Cleaning Service

Maintaining Clean and Pristine Floors


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