When taking into consideration Corporate Cleaning Services in Chicago, for most, what determines their decision is none other than the price and cost of the service! It is completely understandable, seeing as how the economy is getting tough, people tend to go for what is cheapest more often than not. Well as with anything, sometimes cheapest isn’t always the best alternative. When it comes to Chicago Cleaning Services, it might just turn out that getting the cheapest offer might not be such a bright idea. Think about it clearly and very thoroughly… Why is this Cleaning service in Chicago so cheap? Why is it so much cheaper than others? Realistically no one asks these questions when it comes to pricing or when they feel that they are getting a “good deal”. But in reality, how much of a good deal are you really getting with a cheaper Chicago cleaning service.

Let’s Analyze:
Cheaper prices…could it be that maybe these prices are cheaper because they don’t spend proper amounts of money on the equipment that is necessary for a real professional Chicago Cleaning Service? Or maybe it’s cheaper because their methods of cleaning are cheaper…or maybe the labor that they hire is cheap, they are inexperienced and cheaper.

Put it into Context:
Ok, so you found the cheapest Cleaning Service Chicago offers. Now let’s take what we analyzed before and put it into context for what to expect for your cleaning. Ok, so you aren’t paying much for your cleaning, don’t be surprised when the maids are there late, unprepared, or with inefficient equipment or blankly not really knowing what they are doing. Face it; you can’t expect to have the best Chicago Cleaning Service with the best equipment at the cheapest prices. Let’s say your cleaners arrive and get straight to work, do what it is they do, and out the door they go. WOW! You’re thinking to yourself! That was quick! And so inexpensive! You go inspect, expecting to find a great job! Come into the room to find nothing more than just about the same old mess that you had to begin with. Worst case scenario there might even be a greater mess for you to deal with. There might be some damage to your property. Chemicals mixed. Dust and small trash particles pushed under a rug, or maybe under a couch or a heavy piece of furniture. Maybe one or two broken things? Now what? Time to go on a search for another one of the cheaper Cleaning Services Chicago can offer? Or time to do it yourself. Cheaper isn’t always better. You get what you bargained for!

For the most part, yes it is understandable that in a tough economy you can’t go with the most expensive offer on the table right away. But if you think about it, what makes them so expensive? Why are they more expensive than the rest? Truth of the matter the first thing that comes to mind is that they are greedy and just want to make money. In reality, the reason why there are certain Cleaning Services in Chicago that have fairly expensive prices is because they are quality cleaners!

Here at Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we are proud to say we aren’t’ the cheapest Cleaning Service out there, but it all comes with good reason. We offer quality service! Our cleaning technicians are professionally trained to use and know the products that we use they are highly skilled and they get the job done right and quick! We come with our own supplies as well. As for the products themselves, they are top of the line environmentally friendly products that won’t harm you. Your children, pets or home in general. On the contrary, they help improve your air quality and give you a fresh, clean, healthy home! Our machinery and equipment are especially made to be environmentally friendly, such as our German SEBO vacuum which has a triple filtration HEPA filter. Not only that but we also bring brand new especially made duster every time. That way we don’t bring other people’s dust mites and allergens into your home! Our dusters are especially created with micro beads that absorb dust instead of just moving it around and about! And our products contain EPA certified disinfectants giving you a two for one!

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