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Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet requires specialized carpet cleaning equipment.

At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we clean and maintain over 5 million square feet of carpets on a regular basis. There is a reason countless building managers trust us to clean their carpets.

We use a low moisture system that allows carpets to dry within one hour. Commercial carpets are glued down and too much water will affect the glue and installation, and excessively wet carpet can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Fast dry times are not only convenient, but also very important in preventing any chance of mold or mildew growth.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we also improve your air quality.

One of the largest filters in an office is actually the carpet. Ever wonder why your allergies act up when you walk into certain spaces or buildings? To make matters worse many carpet cleaning chemicals and spot removers contain several of the Top 10 Cleaning Toxins.

As an allergy sufferer myself I know the importance of indoor air quality. That is why we use a Low Moisture Deep Cleaning System with environmentally safe cleaning solutions. You will see a clean and vibrant carpet, but most importantly you will feel the freshness.

If you are looking for an Eco-Friendly innovative way to safely clean your carpet, without damage or harsh chemicals, contact us today to schedule your office carpet cleaning. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call to get started – 312-488-1113.

How Our System Works

First, the carpets are vacuumed, removing soil that is trapped deep down and pile lift. Since dry dirt accounts for 85% of tracked in dirt, we vacuum with counter rotating brushes that lift the carpet fibers and vacuum up the dirt.

Next, our specially formulated solution is applied and worked into the carpet to clean every carpet fiber. Patented dual-action orbital machines generate powerful agitation that delivers superior cleaning results.

Finally, the dirt is absorbed and extracted every time the carpet is vacuumed. The carpets emerge clean and dry, without the use of harmful chemicals or wasting water.

Tough Stains?

We enjoy seeing the transformation.

Have a tough stain that just won’t go away? We can get rid of the worst stains, including blood, coffee, tea, food spills, grease, oil, tar, ink, makeup, nail polish, pet accidents, nail polish, soft drinks, vomit and wine. Since the process doesn’t result in wet, messy residue, your carpets will stay cleaner, longer.

Our carpet cleaning services are thorough, safe for you, and will have your carpets looking like new in no time. Let us show you how we can clean your high-traffic and soiled areas of carpet with no wet residue.

Spotless Cleaning Chicago Has Top Credentials

We were awarded the 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award. We recently received the 2018 Three Best Rated Award. The system we use has approval from the CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) as a deep carpet cleaning system. Our Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning System also received an award in 2018.

HWE Extraction

We are not against steam or HWE extraction.

At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we also offer HWE extraction combined with our powerful Rotovac Commercial Carpet Attachment.

Things to consider:

  • We will recommend steam / extraction if needed for heavily soiled entry areas when needed.
  • We shy away from Hot Water Extraction, but there are some carpets and traffic lanes that need an initial boost to reset them.
  • We can tell if the carpet has too much soap residue from years of improper cleaning.
  • We like to reset these and use a special fiber rinse. In these scenarios there is so much soap residue in the carpet that we don’t even apply carpet shampoo.
  • We extract away until our PH Test Strips show us the carpet PH is back to its original factory setting.

As you can tell, we are experts at what we do. Our expertise is one of the many reasons building managers trust us. Get started today. Give us a call at 312-488-1113.


"Fortunately, I discovered a remarkable product that does a fantastic job of making stains disappear. Its' called Host Dry Carpet Shaker Pack. This all-natural product is made up of a balanced blend of moisture, detergent, and a bit of safe-to-use solvents".

- Martha Stewart

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