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8 Reasons to Hire Help for Commercial and Industrial Ceiling Cleaning

Industrial and Commercial Ceiling Cleaning Services The truth is that no one likes to clean their ceilings. Commercial and industrial ceiling cleaning is a tedious process that requires the use of specialized equipment, and when you’re in charge of a facility that’s 100,000 square feet or more, it can be an overwhelming task. The good Read More

Fleet COVID Prevention Tips

Viruses on the Run: Essential Tips for Keeping Your Fleet Safe During COVID From delivery rigs to HVAC businesses, any company with a fleet of vehicles can be a hotbed for disease spread, especially in the time of COVID.  Think about it. Every technician that touches a rig with a gloveless hand, every driver that Read More

Healthcare Facility Disinfecting Practices & How to Hire the Right Crew

Best Practices for Cleaning Healthcare Facilities: Why Your In-House Team Isn’t Cutting It and Who to Call to Annihilate Viruses You look around at your healthcare facility and each surface is sparkling. Your in-house team has sanitized every high- and low-touch surface they can find with EPA-registered chemicals like Oxivir TB or hypochlorite and peracetic Read More

COVID-19 Workplace Reopening Guide for Facility Managers

Keeping your Facility & Employees Safe by Complying with CDC Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting of Businesses, Schools, and Public Spaces As businesses begin to reopen after the COVID-19 shutdown, it’s imperative that systems and procedures are in place to protect your workforce and clients alike. The CDC has laid out strict guidelines that businesses Read More

17 Questions To Ask During Your Commercial & Office Cleaning Company Search

When starting your search for a commercial cleaning company, it is important to identify all of the needs and wants of your business and its space. Not all janitorial services are created equal, so understanding your requirements beforehand will support you in doing proper due diligence when procuring cleaning services for your business. You want Read More

Top 10 Cleaning Toxins And Natural Alternatives

What is the price of a clean home or workplace? You may believe it’s simply the time and effort spent making every room and every office spotless. However, there may be a hidden cost as well. Using certain household cleansers that you pick up at the store can come with health risks. That’s because these Read More

Office Cleaning Tips For Summer

Every season of the year has its challenges when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. Winter brings the messiness of boots and snow, along with flu season. The summer months bring their own issues, including hot weather, humidity and allergens. Here are some summer office cleaning tips and tricks to ensure Read More

Office Cleaning Services: Is Your Office Making You Sick

HOW OFFICE CLEANING SERVICES REDUCE SICK BUILDING SYNDROME Sick Building Syndrome is real. The building or office you work in could be making you sick. As buildings started to focus on energy efficiency the buildings became a bit more air tight. Energy efficiency improved, but air quality has suffered. The indoor air can be 5-100X Read More


When taking into consideration Corporate Cleaning Services in Chicago, for most, what determines their decision is none other than the price and cost of the service! It is completely understandable, seeing as how the economy is getting tough, people tend to go for what is cheapest more often than not. Well as with anything, sometimes Read More


Every office building is looking for the best Chicago Janitorial Service. Sometimes it’s hard to choose which one that can be, seeing as there are numerous Chicago Janitorial Services. Here are a couple of tips that can aid your search in finding the Chicago Janitorial Service that best fits your needs. When seeking out a Read More

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