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Advantages of Green Cleaning Part II

In the last Eco-friendly Products article, we briefly named some of the products that we use from Maid Naturally. We want to make sure that you know as much as possible about the products our Chicago Green Cleaning Service uses and sells, and about how to use them. Here are a few more products, as well as other uses for some that we may have named.

An eco-friendly Alternative to conventional wood and stainless steel cleaners is Maid Naturally’s Dust Spray. The oils and essential oils used in this product help to remove the dust without the dangerous chemicals.  It’ll leave your wood and stainless steel appliances spotless.

When cleaning the oven you can spray the All Purpose Cleaner inside and outside the oven to start the cleaning process. We also use Melaleuca’s Melamagic degreaser. We train our Green Cleaning Service staff to allow the products to sit for at least 30 minutes. During the 30 minutes the products will break down the grease and tough stains. When the maids start scrubbing, they are able to remove tough stains better and faster.

The Soft Cleansing Scrub is a good choice for most of the oven cleaning job.  It is a gentle non abrasive cleaner.  Because of the essential oils, it cuts through the grease.  Let it sit on the surface as long as you need and wipe clean.  For tough burnt on areas, use the Abrasive Cleansing Scrub.  We prefer not to use the abrasive scrub because it can scratch the surface. In fact, we no longer supply our maids with it. It is a good product for commercial stoves. Use a gentle touch so you don’t scratch any surfaces.  The Abrasive Scrub makes tough jobs easier! The Benefits of using All Natural Productsfor the oven are that there are no fumes or toxic chemicals to deal with.

We just wanted to give you some more alternatives to conventional cleaning products.  We love our products and believe that they can do an amazing job cleaning your home naturally. If you ever need a Green Cleaning Service or have any questions about our products, please feel free to call or email us.   (888) 498-MAID

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