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3 Tips For Finding The Best Maid Service In Chicago

Congratulations on your decision to hire a maid service in Chicago. You probably spent several months struggling with and denying your need for one of these services, but now it is hiring time. Now that the decision to hire is over the real work begins. Not every maid service is created equal and you do not want to have to find the right one through trial and error. It is especially difficult for first time users to find a good service right out of the gate. So, here are a few tips to help you hire with confidence.

Word Of Mouth

It does not come up in everyday conversation, but a few of your friends or family members probably use a maid service in Chicago. Talk to them. They can give you an idea of what the service they use is like and their past experiences with other services. While these experiences may be unique to the person you are talking to, it will give you an idea of what is available.


Once you have talked to your friends and family, then it is time to call your short list of possible candidates. The first question to ask a maid service in Chicago should be about their references. Get a short list of references and contact them. Granted, these contacts have probably been carefully screened, but at least you will have someone to talk to. Do not neglect to look on the internet. You may be able to find tweets or other social media mentions of the company and past experiences that people have had with them.

Fees And Cleaning Practices

Like most people, you will want to know how much a maid service in Chicago is going to cost you. All you will have to do is ask. Any reputable company will give a price for their services during the initial contact. Check if that estimate includes cleaning supplies. If it does not, you need to be prepared to purchase the list of supplies the company will furnish you. While you are meeting with the cleaning company representative ask if the company uses eco-friendly products. Those may not be their first choice cleaners, but if you insist the best companies will use the cleaners that you want them to use.

Some people can be put-off by the prospect of interviewing a maid service in Chicago. It is a necessary part of the process of finding the right one. Do not hire based on price alone. A solid reputation means a lot less aggravation for you.

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